Dirty Chimneys Can Cause Fires

Having a chimney allows you to keep your indoor air clean while staying toasty by an indoor fire. What many homeowners don't realize is that chimney maintenance is essential to protecting your home from fires. Freedom Fireplace provides chimney cleaning service in North Jackson, Warren & Youngstown, OH.

Many chimney sweeps only focus on the chimney, causing them to sometimes damage fireplaces in the process. Our team is different. We'll examine your unit as a whole-including your fireplace-to clean your chimney safely. Learn more about our chimney cleaning service now by calling 330-986-0807.

Chimney Cleaning Service North Jackson & Warren, OH

There are several reasons you may need a chimney repair service. Maybe your chimney's crown is broken or you've noticed a creosote buildup. You can count on us to:

  • Remove creosote buildup
  • Fix structural problems
  • Regrout chimney crowns

Ignoring chimney issues could spell disaster for your home. Hire the team at Freedom Fireplace for an efficient chimney repair service in North Jackson or Warren, Ohio today.