Stay safe with a fireplace repair service in North Jackson, OH

When is the last time you had your fireplace cleaned or repaired? If you can't remember, it's probably time to hire a fireplace contractor. Freedom Fireplace offers fireplace repair service in North Jackson, Warren & Youngstown, OH. Our team can inspect and clean your fireplace and solve any current issues. We have the knowledge and experience to diagnose and solve any problem.

Do you need fireplace repair service? Ask a pro about our work now by calling 330-986-0807.

Know the signs that your fireplace needs service

While experts recommend getting your fireplace serviced once a year, many homeowners wait 10 years or longer to have theirs cleaned or repaired. If your fireplace has a serious problem, it may need service. You may need to call a fireplace contractor if:


  • Your home fills with smoke every time you use your fireplace
  • You have a lazy yellow pilot flame
  • Your gas fireplace works but is inconsistent




If you smell gas please call your local gas company! They will come out ASAP for free and will shut off your gas. Then call Freedom Fireplace and we will help you get the leak fixed.